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Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia

1. What city was Jonah told to visit by God and preach a message of repentance? Ninevah

2. In what book of the bible is it said, “God helps those who help themselves?
This statement is NOT in the bible

3. Which angel fought Satan over the body of Moses? Michael (Jude verse 9)

4. St. Paul presented the gospel to two Kings – can you name one of them? King Agrippa and King Festus

5. Who went with Paul on the second missionary journey? Silas (Barnabas went on the first)

6. Which apostle talked with the Ethiopian? Philip

7. How many people were in the upper room on the day of Pentecost? 120

8. Two individuals in the Old Testament did not die but were taken alive into heaven (translated). Can you name them? Enoch and Elijah

9. On what mountain did Noah’s Ark come to rest after the flood waters abated? Ararat

10. Which Old Testament prophet walked naked for three years? Isaiah (Isaiah 20:3)

A Little More About Vision

About a decade ago, Pastor Rick Warren reached national prominence by writing a book entitled, “The Purpose Driven Life”. It was read by millions of people and catapulted Pastor Rick into the limelight, both secular and Christian.

I was privileged to hear him give the keynote address at a very large conference about a year after the book was written. He said, “I have two very difficult problems in my life today. First I am incredibly wealthy and secondly I have tremendous influence.” Most of the world would not call wealth and popularity “problems” but for Rick they were. He shared of his humble beginnings as he journeyed from Texas to Los Angles (Orange County) where he started a church with his only ambition to “save souls” and tell people about Jesus.

Never intending to become rich or famous he was now faced with a very difficult set of problems. What to do with his wealth and what to do with his influence? By all accounts he has chosen wisely in his stewardship. He has resisted the temptation to “prosper” in lavish living and instead, invested heavily in expanding the Kingdom for the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his talk he reflected on the book and made the following disclaimer. (I paraphrase because it’s coming from my memory, but it went something like this), I have no idea why God decided to use the book I wrote. I have said nothing that hasn’t been said before many times by more gifted writers and deeper thinkers. In fact, there is nothing original in the book at all. I simply took the truths and principles from God’s Word and the life and message of His son, Jesus Christ and amplified what I believe they teach.

Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun (Solomon said that in the Book of Ecclesiastes) but Warren put together a compelling and captivating collect of great truth with clarity and down to earth language.

“The Purpose-Driven Life is a manifesto for Christian living in the 21st century…a lifestyle based on eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using biblical stories and letting the Bible speak for itself, Warren clearly explains God’s five purposes for each of us:
• We were planned for God’s pleasure
o so your first purpose is to offer real worship.
• We were formed for God’s family
o so your second purpose is to enjoy real fellowship.
• We were created to become like Christ,
o so your third purpose is to learn real discipleship.
• We were shaped for serving God
o so your fourth purpose is to practice real ministry.
• We were made for a mission
o so your fifth purpose is to live out real evangelism”
From the website:

The reason I reference this material is to help us focus as a congregation on our future. I have talked about casting a vision for a preferred future and about us focusing us on that which motivates and unites.

I like what Rick Warren wrote. It informs and inspires, gives meaning and direction and it a can be a helpful tool for us at St. Alban’s today. Perhaps we can adapt some of these principles for our common life and begin to live into them in our worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and evangelism as our “preferred future”.

God’s Peace,

Fr. Alan

August 24, 2014 Visitation of Bishop Rob Wright

On Sunday, August 24, 2014, Rt. Rev. Robert Wright, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, will be at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church for his annual visitation. Bishop Wright will be the celebrant for Holy Communion, will deliver the sermon, and will minister the sacrament of Holy Baptism and Communion. Also, Bishop Wright will lead the Adult Sunday School class, beginning at 9:10 AM. 

A special reception will be held after the service for the confirmands and newly baptized, giving people a chance to meet Bishop Wright and spend some time with him.


A Tribute to Our Heroes

A Tribute to Our Heroes     by Mallory Sanders

Charles Henson, Jr. was born March 4, 1924, in Monroe, GA and graduated Monroe High School in 1940. After studying at Georgia Tech for a couple of years, he enlisted in the ASTP (American Specialized Training Program) wanting to serve his country during a time of war. Following 17 weeks of basic training in Anniston, AL, Charles completed Officers Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA.

Preparing to enter combat in the European Theater, Charles was stationed in Gainesville, TX with the 103rd Infantry until he departed for England in 1944. A few days following June 6, 1944, as a part of the ongoing allied beach invasion, Charles’ craft landed in a harbor south of Omaha Beach.  Fortunately, his group met little resistance as the US Third Army, under George S. Patton, began its eastern march towards Berlin.

Charles commanded an artillery attachment to support infantry companies as he was called on the soften Germany holdings prior to the allied foot soldier advancement. Lt. Henson was proud of the ability to register the M101 (105mm) Howitzers as he often served as a forward observer for his unit.

My favorite WWII story regarding Charles’ service comes as the war in Europe is winding down.  The world famous Austrian Lipizzan Stallions had been moved by the Nazis from Vienna to a breeding farm in Hostau, Czech., east of Berlin. Apparently, the Nazis had acquired a large number of the best of many breeds as they took over vast areas of Europe.   The Russian Red Army was only 60 miles away and moving towards Berlin. Patton, afraid that the equines might become rations for the Russian soldiers, ordered these 250 magnificent animals to be returned to Austria. With the assistance of the freed Polish and Czech POW’s and some of the surrendering German veterinarians, Col. Reed and his troops walked them 130 miles back to the safety of the allied forces.   Charles played a part in this great rescue as his unit helped protect the perimeter around Hostau from the Red Army as these animals were being relocated. Today, their offspring continue to perform and be enjoyed by thousands around the world.

Charles returned to the states in 1945 and graduated Georgia Tech. He and Sue were married in 1947 and raised their three daughters in Monroe. Charles entered the family business, as the Henson Manufacturing Company (marketing under the Red Fox label) relocated from Lawrenceville to Monroe.

As we all know, Charles loves his retrieving dogs and you will always be greeted by one or two that live in the Henson’s backyard.

Harry Burress was born October 26, 1923, in Waukegan, IL. His father was career U.S. Navy and was transferred to south Florida when Harry was a young boy. He graduated high school in 1941 and attended the University of Florida for one year.

Harry joined the Army in 1942 and was called to active duty in 1943. He served as an Army MP in Europe and was stationed in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany following D-Day. His unit was heavily involved with guarding surrendered Nazi prisoners. Harry was discharged as a Corporal in 1946 and returned to the U of Fla. where he graduated in 1949. While completing his degree at the university, he joined the Army reserve and retired as a Major in 1983. As a civilian, he choose the insurance industry for a career and retired from CIGNA insurance in 1985.

Harry’s favorite pastime is traveling anywhere in the world. As an Army retiree he has traveled space available on military planes to Hawaii, Europe and Asia, etc.
He married the former Melrose Andre in 1946. The couple has a son, Glenn, who resides in Social Circle, and a daughter, Susan, who teaches for the DOD outside Frankfort, Germany. They have one grandson, John Carter.

Please thank these heroes for their bravery and service any time you have an opportunity. Today, this Greatest Generation is one of the main reasons we enjoy the freedom and liberties of this wonderful country.