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Recovery and Spirituality: “Surrender”

Those looking for healing might enjoy this short film on “Surrender” from the “Recovery and Spirituality” series:

More great stuff like this can be found at The Work of The People‘s Visual Liturgy library. Here’s what the website says about this awesome ministry:

“The literal definition of ‘liturgy’ is ‘the work of the people,’ and yes, that’s how we got our name. We believe art isn’t a utilitarian tool, it’s a prophetic witness that embeds us in our humanity and activates our imagination for a world that doesn’t yet exist but which we have been called to co-create, God’s alternate upside down world of abundance and freedom, love and grace.

We produce visual prayers, visual poems and visual benedictions, interpretive and contemplative pieces as well as looped visual imagery for worship. They are all useful in practical ways and in various settings, but they aren’t meant to decorate, they are meant to declare. Through language, and in ways beyond language, they declare the truth of what has been, the reality of what is and the hope of what is not yet.

Visual Liturgy content is searchable by topic, keyword, author, scripture reference or by the lectionary calendar. (If you follow the lectionary, ours is the only collection of visual liturgy for every week of the full three year lectionary cycle. Yep, we have that much stuff.)”

So check out that Visual Liturgy library! Enjoy a healing, blessed week.

Sermons by C.S. Lewis Scholar Available Online

Retired Presbyterian minister and world-renowned C.S. Lewis scholar Dr. Earl Palmer posts his sermons and lectures online! Many St. Alban’s parishioners will be delighted with the set on fellow Anglican C.S. Lewis, but others are fantastic, too.

Here are some good ones on community, “The Character of Paul and Today’s Believers,” “The Dawn of Redeeming Grace,” “Defining Joy: the Humor of Jesus” as well as many, many others.

And if you click here you can find many than deal with C.S. Lewis directly.

“The aim of Earl Palmer Ministries is to be an encouragement to the church. 1 Thessalonians 5:10 states that Christ has died for us so that we may be with him. We wholeheartedly believe in that message, therefore we attempt to hold true to what verse 11 instructs: ‘encourage one another and build each other up.’
These words from the Apostle Paul inspire our ministry of teaching, writing, and mentoring. We are not trying to run a conventional church – our goal is to be part of the church at large by encouraging and building up the belief that Jesus can be trusted with our faith.” –Rev. Earl Palmer

Volunteer with F.I.S.H.


The FISH4Kids summer program will continue until Friday, August 9.  Volunteer opportunities consist of preparing sack lunches, delivering lunches, and clean-up and preparation for the next day.  Sack lunches are prepared Monday thru Friday from 9 to 11 am at 424 Spring Street, Monroe.  Deliveries begin around 11 am and generally take a little over an hour.  Clean-up and preparation is from 11 am to 2 pm.  Please come and help as much as you can.  Please be in prayer for the children, volunteers, and families.

There is always a need at FISH for volunteers to help in the stores or to help with the deliveries or cleaning of the buildings.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact Nancy Long at 706-362-9008 or

HELP is needed at the FISH Market on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings to help hand out the food.  Please contact Mallory Sanders at 770-310-9947.

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