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Sue Henson Tribute

Sue Henson Tribute

Long-time St. Alban’s member Sue Henson passed away on the morning of February 10, 2016.  Her family, friends and fellow St. Alban’s members will miss and remember Sue fondly.  Please feel free to post your tributes to and memories of Sue on this page.

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  1. Sue was one of the most gracious and kind ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing she will be sorely missed by me and everyone at St Albans. My heart goes out to Charles and his family at this very sad time.

  2. MaryJane&RoyMallady

    Sue was one of the sweetest people I have ever met and the two words “Southern Lady” always came to my mind when thinking of Sue. I saw her last two weeks ago a few days after her birthday and I took her some pastries and wished her Happy Birthday. As I hugged her I thought it might be my last time to see her and
    I’m so glad I made that visit. Heaven is a better place now and we ask God to wrap his arms around her and love her for all of us. Mary Jane and I have always thought what a wonderful Job she and Charles have done raising Bruce and James-Wow what great young men. They also have been there for Mary Woodson who we adore. We both send our love to the family and share in their loss. We will have you in our prayers as well as
    our sweet Sue. God Bless Mary Jane and Roy Mallady


  4. Nowell Briscoe

    Monroe will miss Sue Henson. She was one of the loveliest, most gracious and generous people I have ever known. She always greeted you with a smile on her face and was always among the first to volunteer to help when help was needed. She and Charles gave so much to the Monroe community over the years, never asking for anything in return. Whenever I had a speaking engagement in town, Sue & Charles were always present, giving me encouraging comments and praise. You could not ask for two finer friends. My prayers and deep sympathy go out to Charles and the children and grandchildren as they say farewell. We should all recall the words of the ever gentle Dr. Seuss, who said about death, “We should be sad over her passing but be happy she was a part of our lives for so long.”

  5. Libby Clegg Whitley

    Sue will be greatly missed by all that knew and loved her. Her smile was contagious and her words sincere, she was truly a servant of GOD and loved St. Albans with everything that she was. Rest In Peace Sue and GODSPEED to your new and everlasting life in the armament of Heaven.
    Much love,
    Libby Clegg Whitley

  6. Sue will always be the very definition of grace, wisdom and generosity in my mind and memories. She was wonderfully calm, direct and had an uncanny way of getting to the root of the problem or situation when dealing with problems we faced in our church life. I will treasure her memory.

  7. Madeline and Jim Burgess

    When I think of Sue, I remember sitting behind her and Charles at church for a number of years. She was always there, gracious and friendly, with an aura of refinement and elegance. She remembered when Jim and I were there or not there. When Jim attended without me, she politely inquired about my whereabouts and that was motivation enough for me not to play hooky too often. When our church went through its dark times, she was the pillar of strength and forbearance we all counted on. I admired her and considered her to be one of a dying breed – a lady in every sense of the word. Madeline Burgess (and Jim too)

  8. Susan Butts Foster

    Sue was part of my life since I was born. All of my childhood photos include photos of her and her family. Susan and I are the same age and grew up together…beach trips, summer camp, Girl Scouts, and high school activities. My Mother and the Hensons were part of the group who started St. Alban’s in Monroe. I considered Sue as a 2nd Mother. I have many happy memories of sleepovers at their beautiful home. Sue was a wonderful caring Mother and Grandmother. Sharing unselfishly. Raising not one but two families. She will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with Charles, the girls and the rest of the family. God bless you at this time.

  9. Chris Sherlock

    Sue was definitely a leader of St. Alban’s, which befit her being one of the church’s original members. Whether it was the Altar Guild, the Vestry, or anything else Sue always put her all into whatever she did, including raising two families. She was a pillar of strength during the occasionally difficult times our parish has been through over the years and was an example of grace, dignity and class. On a non-church related note, I found out from having read Sue’s obituary that she was an organizer of the Monroe Junior Service League kindergarten, which I attended in the 1960s. I will always remember Sue and will always be grateful for the opportunity to know her.

  10. Margaret Wenzel Sorrells

    When I moved to Monroe from Social Circle in 1960, Mimi became one of my best friends. I loved her and her family. I moved away in 1977 for many years and returned in 1998. I love Monroe and am glad to be back in Walton County!!!

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