Saint Alban's Episcopal Church

The Messenger/May 18, 2018

The Messenger/May 18, 2018

In Our Prayers

Please pray for:

Blane; Savannah Benton; John Cannon; Edwina Johnson; Jeanne Aycock; Laura Guest; Bobby Thomas; Monica Thomas; Eddie Farmer; Ralph Ammerman; Bill Carter & Family; Kim Turner; Bo Warren; Ashton Sexton; Max Hoglen

Please pray for our Vestry and Clergy:

Marty Atkinson; Libby Martin; Marvin Gray; Judy Terry; Stan Brassie; Bob Emmons; Nicole Richards; and Rev. Pat Merchant

St. Alban’s Intercessory Prayer Group – Every Tuesday morning at 11:00 a.m. you are invited to come and pray for the needs of our church, our people, our community and nation.

If you would like for us to pray for someone or something special, please fill out a prayer card, which is found on back of the pews. You can place the card in the offering plate or give it to an usher.

Readings for This Week:

Acts 2:1-21
Psalm 104:25-35, 37
Romans 8:22-27
John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15

Readings for Next Week:

Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalm 29
Romans 8:12-17
John 3:1-17

Clergy’s Corner

Dearly beloved,

Several weeks ago, I spoke with Canon Schuster Weltner about our future plans.

We are a small parish so the Vestry will do the work of the Search Committee when these decisions are needed.

This summer we are to forward our monthly financial statements, audit reports and Parochial (yearly) reports to the Diocese so that they can assess our financial health.

In September, we will set up the online Church Assessment Tool…CAT or more affectionately, the Holy Cow. Everyone participates by individually answering some basic questions. We will receive this analysis a few months later. Then, we will do the work of evaluating our future steps.

Canon Weltner confirmed that I may continue to recommit to Saint Albans every six months. The next time will be September.

Sunday, we celebrate Pentecost-the birthday of the church! Happy Birthday to the Christian Church! Wear some red to join the celebration.

See you at church❤️

Bishop’s Blurb


There’s real resistance by individuals and the institutional church to engage friends and strangers with what we call, “the good news of Jesus Christ.” Sure, many preachers preach it and many worshippers nod but, quietly we know and accept no progress will be made. Maybe there’s an opportunity in Jesus’ prayer for us. When he prays to God he says, “the words that you gave to me I have given to them….” Maybe we could start there. Don’t call it evangelism, call it “words.” Just say the words God put on your heart: Love. Forgiveness. Truth. Faith. Would you share those?


Happy Birthday!

May 19 – Ryleigh Corcoran
May 22 – Marian Sweeney
May 24 – Jennifer Hardy


Party at Beaver Creek Farm Postponed – Due to the rainy weather, the party at Mary Jane and Roy Mallady’s farm this Saturday night is cancelled. The party will be rescheduled soon.

Congratulations! – Eli, Nicole Richards’ son, will attend the College of Coastal Georgia in the fall on a basketball scholarship.

New Parish Directory! – Our new parish directory is now available in the Narthex. Pick one up this Sunday.


Farmers Market – Monroe

St. Alban’s is hosting the Walton Wellness Mobile Farmacy on Wednesday evenings through mid-July. Fresh vegetables and fruit will be distributed in our parking lot to around 100 people in need who have registered to receive this free produce. The goal of the ministry is to improve the diet, health and quality of life for the less fortunate in Walton County. Our Outreach Committee will be assisting Walton Wellness and F.I.S.H. with this complementary farmers

Volunteers from St. Alban’s are needed to assist with this ministry on Wednesday evenings from April 25th through July 11th. The beginning time for the market is 6 p.m. (with volunteers needed at 5:30 to set up) and is normally completed by 7 p.m. If you are able to participate, please sign up on the sheets available on the round table in the Narthex or contact Nicole Richards or Marvin Gray. For more detail information regarding this 8 year old ministry, please contact DeDe Harris, Walton Wellness Director, at 770-313-8107.


Help nourish our youngest neighbors by supporting the FISH4KIDS program.

More than 375 volunteers come together each summer to prepare 2,425 sack lunches each day, Monday-Friday. The lunches are then delivered door-to-door throughout Walton County. Each lunch is bag full of hope!

FISH4KIDS also serves 1,525 students during the school year through the Backpack Buddies program. These children receive food on Fridays in their backpacks to feed them through the weekend.

Consider playing in the 9th annual Ed Reinagel FISH4KIDS golf tournament happening on May 24th. Each player sponsors 1 child for the summer – 45 sack lunches and a hygiene kit. Be a tournament sponsor. Sign up at

Text FISH4KIDS to 41444 to sponsor a child or make a donation. This gift can be made in honor of a special person like your favorite teacher, parent or pastor or designated as a memorial gift – All on your phone in just a few seconds.

Marvin Gray will once again drive the church van to Social Circle every Tuesday and Thursday this summer (starting May 29th) to deliver the sack lunches for distribution. If you would like to volunteer to help, volunteer information for all aspects of FISH can be found at

Vacation Notice – Shirley Morgan will be on vacation May 28th through June 1. She will be back in the church office on June 4.

Pledge Reminder – Summer is fast approaching and everyone is making plans to travel and do different things. We ask that you please don’t forget St. Alban’s and continue to pay your pledge during the summer months. Thank you!


Do You Like to Paint? If you do, would you donate your time to paint some of the classrooms here at St. Alban’s? We will supply the paint and supplies. Please contact Stan Brassie at 770-267-2681 or


Tai Chi Classes
Wednesdays – 2:00 p.m.
Thursdays – 6:30 p.m.
Instructor – Bill Carter
$2.00 per class.

May & June Parish Calendars 2018

Lay Liturgical Schedule – 2nd Quarter 2018