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Tribute Page for Edna Pannell

Tribute Page for Edna Pannell

Long-time St. Alban’s member Edna Pannell passed away in the early hours of February 15, 2014.   If you feel so inclined, please post your tributes to and memories of Edna in the Comments section of this page.  The page will be closed to comments on March 1, 2014 and all comments will require moderation before they will appear in the Comments section.

Update from Wayne Pickeral (thanks, Wayne!) regarding the funeral arrangements for Edna Pannell: “The funeral arrangements for Edna have now been completed. Visitation will be at Meadows Funeral Home form 5 till 8 pm, on Sunday February 16. The funeral will be at St. Albans on Monday at 2: 00 pm.”

8 comments on “Tribute Page for Edna Pannell

  1. Edna was truly an angel on earth. I was so impressed by her mild manner with inner spice!! What an artist!! Thanks for the memories

  2. Barbara Postlewaite

    She was a partner on Alter Guild for many years and always helped with all things at St. Albans. A charming lady!

  3. I will always remember Ms. Edna as the most entertaining story-teller. Her southern descriptive of people and events she had encountered in her life were endlessly fascinating to me. I hope she wrote them down somehow, if not they most certainly live on in those who heard him.

  4. Miss Edna will always be such an example to me of a wise and graceful woman. Her spunk, love of life and a rebel streak within will forever stay with those she loved. I loved her ways, her voice and her stories. Her love, Horace, and she were a perfect match and so spunky. Her heart must be full to see him again, and go Home. She was our greatest treasure and loved our parish through tireless and eager service. I was blessed to have known her. Love you, Edna.

  5. Sybil Dickinson

    I have the fondest memories of Edna- she loved St Albans and worked endlessly for the church- I have 2 memories that make me think of Edna- I remember Sheryl Mitchell and myself kidnapped Edna and Clair May one afternoon- we drove around Monroe while Edna gave us a history lesson of the county- one of the best afternoons of my life- the second memory was when she told me 2 pick any painting of hers that I wanted- I chose a picture she had painted of a church in New Mexico that was celebrating the Blessing of the Pets- still one of my favorite paintings! Bless u Edna!

  6. Miss Edna always hugged me with that bright smile on her face. Yes she loved to tell stories, I remember her telling about her and Horace’s wedding when they went with just a few dollars in their pocket. She was a unique person, a true spunky lady. Now she is hugging Horace and all the folks in heaven. God bless!

  7. It is always a joy to “celebrate the life” of one of God’s precious saints. For Edna, her earthly pilgrimage is ended. She truly left her mark on all who knew her and loved her. However, she is now with her beloved Horace and a new journey begun. She has run her race and received her crown of glory.
    It was my privilege to officiate her funeral. May her soul Rest In Peace with all the saints.

    Fr. Alan

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