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Tribute Page/Jim Sweeney

Tribute Page/Jim Sweeney

Long-time St. Alban’s member Jim Sweeney passed away on July 22, 2019.  This is a page for sharing memories of Jim and posting tributes to him.

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  1. Judy Sanders

    Jim was a sweet man that seemed to always enjoy being at church. I will miss his smile and kind spirit. Now his soul can rest in God’s loving arms.

  2. Jim was a good friend and his Church family will miss him so much. It won’t be the same without him. He loved his Church and did many things there for us as long as he was able. He was so faithful and such a good person. God bless him and his family.

  3. I always loved Jim’s dry sense of humor.When I met Jim years ago he told
    me about his many years working for the Forestry out West. I asked him if he
    ever met ” Smokie The Bear”-he said yes and they were good friends.
    Mary Jane and I were recently talking about some Halloween Costume Parties we use to have at our farm and Jim usually came as a cowboy or a sheriff of a small town out West-he looked quite the part. Jim and Marian were also members of the Hardee’s Sunday School Class. A group of about eight couples use to meet at Hardee’s before church and have a great time visiting. It would drive Foley Beach crazy that we wouldn’t come to church and attend Sunday School there. We had more fellowship and enjoyed one another during our time together and so it was a lot of fun for about ten years
    We all will miss Jim greatly and have great memories of our time with him.
    May God Bless you Jim. Love, Roy & Mary Jane

  4. Kathleen DeMarco

    I admired the way Jim accompanied Marian to church and, especially, to the altar guild events.

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